Storecupboard Christmas

On Friday, I did a very stupid thing. I needed to print off a cheque-paying-in form from my online bank and the only way you can do that is to log in to your account. For some reason, I stubbornly mis-typed my pass code three times… and locked myself out of my current account.

In my head, it is “just one week until Christmas” and I was thinking that meant the end of the month, payday.
Err…. No.
There is a big difference between the middle of the month and the end of the month, financially speaking, and I knew almost as soon as I had done it that I really really needed to shuffle some funds out of my savings into my current account if we were going to buy food this holiday season. And I can only do that online as my bank doesn’t have a local branch office. Oh. My.

Telephone banking? I never did register for that, so I don’t have a security number. Oh. My.

The bank takes 3 to 5 working days to issue new pass codes, and they will now be coming through the Christmas post. So they are pretty unlikely to arrive this week. Oh. My.

No, I don’t have a credit card.

So this weekend I bought only essential unavoidable food, resigned myself to having shaggy hair until 2013 (I definitely can’t afford a haircut!) and tried to view this as an opportunity.

I checked the freezer. There is definitely the makings of several Christmas dinners in there! There are two huge lumps of venison that will take at least a week to defrost (better start soon), several stuck-together-in-one-bag ducks, a slab of salmon, a bag of frozen peas and a bag of frozen sprouts. We have a big bucket of home-grown potatoes in FL’s ice-box study. I have flour and dried yeast, so bread is possible. There is dried fruit, so some sort of Christmas cake can be knocked together.

What we lack are mostly things we can do without: fizzy drinks, for one. Chocolate is another.

Yes, I will have to buy fruit.. though saying that, there is a bag of frozen summer fruits in the freezer.

More veg would be nice, though there are some tins in the cupboard: tomatoes, sweetcorn, beans.

Eggs? Yes, you have me there – we need those. Damn, if only we had chickens!

Milk? Yes, OK a couple of pints would be good.

But the point is this – I was on the point of spending something in the region of £100 on a big holiday food shop. And it is not necessary.

I have enough cash in my purse to buy those last few fresh bits and pieces.  And FL can buy dog food with his pension. (I have already confessed.  He laughed.)

And without coming over all evangelical on you, some people have nothing. This is a temporary cash-flow glitch which will actually help me to start the New Year with my cupboards swept clean.  And no fear of temptation from online sales.