Still winning… one year later

January 10, 2012, one year ago today-

My son Scott had surgery to remove a “mass” in his bladder…
Going into surgery, we weren’t too worried… just look at us…

As his Urologist didn’t think it would be “anything to worry about”

January 16, 2012
We received the biopsy news… the “mass” was cancer…  Scott had bladder cancer…
Diagnosed just about 2 years after my Myeloma diagnosis

Well that was then-

And this is now…
January 10, 2013 one year later… Scott’s still cancer FREE :) and living life to the fullest!!

Christmas 2012

And remember the 2012 “bucket list trip” :

Hawaii July 2012
Celebrating good health, 2012

But I can’t help but wonder… was cancer brewing in both of us… back in the days of childhood innocence?

2013 = Winning!!!
We’re both winning
Scott’s cancer free
And I’m still in Remission
(Unless I find out otherwise, at my City of Hope oncology check tomorrow!)

Stay tuned…