Still shingly but good progress on the myeloma front

Firstly many thanks to those who have left comments and sorry I didn’t respond individually – it has been one of those weeks! It is good to know the blog can be useful.

Well I’d hoped that I’d be feeling a lot better by now, but despite the last scab falling off the rash is still very painful – it looks raw in places where the scabs came off and the whole area is tender and prickly. Not only that but almost since the start I have had very weird electric shock type nerve contractions centre/side back mostly when lying down on my right and sometimes left side. I end up having to sleep slightly propped up or flat on my back, which I hate. I’m hoping that this will gradually go, as I know that you can be left with this sort of thing for months.

In the meantime I have continued with the imipramine – no idea whether it is doing anything – and am trying Vaseline on the rash. Also I have been put on a low daily dose of aciclovir to prevent me getting another bout of shingles – what a thought!

I did get an extra week off my treatment, and restarted last Tuesday. The good news was that another test showed my light chains down again! Of course the side-effects are making me a bit down – by Sat I’m usually pretty grotty – but I’m taking it very easy!

Despite it all I have actually tried to keep busy – stacks of anti-cuts work via emails have taken up a lot of time. I have also tried to do some physical activity every day, even if it is housework!

Well – not much other news. I see from emails I get from the International MM Federation that there are lots of new drugs and regimes being tested, so hopefully as time goes by, MM will become much more of a chronic condition.

I hope you all have a good Xmas and I’ll write again soon.