Still plodding on

Hi, another quick update – I really will get round to a longer one soon! On my 14th round of meds. Research shows that being on the full dose of Revlimid for at least 12 months is good at extending remission, so let’s hope! However, it has become pretty wearing. I wasn’t able to see my consultant at my last appointment, so haven’t further reduced my steroids which I’d like to do if the results remain good next time. I haven’t really noticed a huge difference with halving the dose, which has been a bit disappointing, but maybe another drop will help. I do feel a bit more nauseous as steroids help with that and reducing them seems to have caused that problem, but the occasional anti-sickness tablet helps. I have been very lucky over the last years of treatment in not experiencing sickness due to chemo – nausea sometime, especially during the transplant, but nothing worse. I am trying hard to exercise more to make my muscles stronger – mainly walking or on a cross-trainer. Also gardening!!

Doing my Trade Union work as always – please all could readers of my blog campaign against the NHS ‘Reform’ which will be devastating for patients and staff. Please hassle your MPs and now the Peers – you can adopt a Peer to write to. We had a well attended candlelit vigil last night outside the hospital. It’s cutting £30 million in the next two years, involving 300 redundancies and probably ward and operating theatre closures.

Just a note on people commenting on my blog – I won’t respond to anything which might be spam – if you have a question for me which you don’t want to put out as a comment you can email me on, but I will only respond if the email appears genuine and relates to issues about myeloma.

Have a good autumn everyone and let’s hope the weather improves!