Still in FULL COMPLETE remission

Monday, October 10, 2011 5:43 PM, CDT

The Lord has been good to me and mine … I just do not know why….It is a mystery for sure.
Great news from Little Rock tests …STILL IN FULL REMISSION…No signs of cancer. The protocol of treatments all these months, years now, is paying off. May God continue to bless us all.
Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers as we fight another hurdle of life.
I am very sorry for the late post but I caught the humagomba bug in Little Rock. Coughing, sneezing the whole nine yards…it seems everyone had it. My mask did no good. So we traveled home and slept for 2 days. Still recovering on medicine given by Doc.
Opened a bottle of Bookster 2007 a week ago so will review….nice on the front, fragrant with hint of cherry and sea musk, finish is short , lingers about 20 seconds, body is firm but tart..give it a 90 MAF (this reads like I was reviewing a woman) Strange?
Speaking of baseball, I have been asked to tell a story about Dizzy Dean. It has been approved by the publisher and the boss. However, I must warn … you may be offended. So do not read any further if you think you may become angry, face flushed or unable to speak concise English dialect after reading.

Many years ago when I was a kid say in the early 60’s , baseball on TV consisted of 1 game a week. Hence it was called “The game of the Week” and was on TV every Saturday afternoon. The sponsor was Falstaff beer and the commentators were Pee Wee Reece and Dizzy Dean. Dad and I always watched most the games. Now every half inning, as the teams changed on the field, it was time for a commercial. Well the cameras would pan up to Dizzy and Pee Wee to do the commercial for Falstaff. Back then, flip top cans were not invented, so Dizzy had a can opener and would open an ice cold Falstaff for he and Pee Wee. They each would pour beer into a glass mug, drink and talk about the qualities of this wonderful beer. So every break Dizzy would say “and fans its time for a Falstaff” and the camera would pan up to these guys opening and drinking beer. Needless to say around the 7th inning our commentators were pretty lit and sloshed. They would sing the Wabash cannonball and many other favorites. Quite a show.

One of these games, the camera kept panning to a man and woman kissing in the stands. This went on for several innings. Of course, our sloshed Falstaff color men were commenting on the man and woman. After many pans to the couple Dizzy said, “ Fans we have finally figured out this couples kissing routine, he is kissing her on the strikes and she is kissing him on the balls!!.”

Side notes and vicious rumors

  • We need more common sense in DC not more money
  • Buffet says he pays less tax than his secretary…give her a the way he has filed extensions on his tax returns and is currently on year 2004..I wonder if I can do that trick?
  • Mitt Romney is a Morman so what…Obama is a Muslim and listened to the crazy rants of his Pastor Wright for 25 years.

Continue to pray for our country