Stem Cell Transplant Blog new personal post!

Hello readers and fellow Cancer Fighters

Well today I just want to write about someone else!

Another Myeloma Fighter, His name is John Snippe.

His is undergoing his first stem cell transplant as I write.

He received his Cells on Sept 22. He is too sick to post right now so, My heart and Prayers go out to you Today John.

Been there twice myself! It is a very tough procedure, yet a simple one!

You get Chemo…They Give you the stem cells back and then it’s just a waiting game!
It’s different for everyone. But I too was very sick for a couple of days during the procedure!

So Sheers to you John Snippe! Hope to hear from your success soon!

Follow John on Twitter: @SnipJ

Or read his very informative Blog where he writes about Stem Cell Harvest as I forgot to write about myself but John has Blogged about it so well that I don’t need to anymore…lol!


Keep Fighting John! …and all of you too!