Stem Cell Transplant Blog Day 9

Happy Saturday to you all.

As promised I will share some pictures with you guys.

First of all, let me introduce to you Gertrude, My dancing partner for the next few weeks:

She beeps once in a while but besides that she is a sweetheart!
The next one is the nurse inspecting my Picc Line:

Picc Line looks fine so let’s prepare the Melphalan Chemo:
You can see by the way the nurse dresses up with full face mask and all. That shows you how Toxic the Melphalan can be! I asked her if she was about to solder something?!? lol
Next, well it’s me getting the Chemo…gotta keep smiling!
And the last one is just me Blogging:
Have to keep your mind Busy!
Besides that feeling not too bad. Still Nausea and a little diarrhea. Still have alot of heartburn though!
But this is all a question of time before it all gets back to normal. I guess that’s why we are called “Patients”.
Numbers for today:
WBC 3.08
Hgb  121
Platelets  168
Neutrophils 2.85
My Potassium levels were a little low yesterday and today too so I am getting Potassium supplements intravenously today.
Oh ya , Have you noticed the Award I received! Up left corner. Pretty proud of that!
Well that’s it for now. Might Blog later.
Have a great weekend.
Keep Fighting!