Stem Cell Transplant Blog Day 6

Good evening Fighters

Well so far so good! Pretty much all the side effects from the Palifermin are gone.

Finally had my first good night sleep last night. Felt much better this morning. Had my second round of High Dose Melphalan at 11 am. Went very well again. Had a little nausea last night but that’s it so far.

Blood counts are starting to lower quickly. So they moved me in an isolation room this afternoon.

WBC going down now at 4.72
Hemoglobin going down now at 132
Platelets also Now at 194
Neutrophils at 3.85

That was this morning. Numbers will most likely be much lower tomorrow. I’m happy the Melphalan is over with! Probably my last High dose Melphalan for this life! Appetite has decreased allot. Still have to eat though. Lots of protein rich meals to minimize muscle loss. Feeling physically tired tonight of course but that is normal. But the Moral is 200%! Today was a busy one again! Funny thing though. The toilet broke again in my old room! Glad to be out of there!

Thanks for reading.

With no Chemo tomorrow I should have more energy and time  to Blog.

Keep Fighting!