Stem Cell Transplant Blog Day 5

Good evening my friends.
Well, finally got the Internet connection solved! Total access!
So today I received my first round of Melphalan at 11 am. No side effects so far. Probably thanks to the Zofran (Anti Nausea Medicine).
I did have a nice conversation with the pharmacist yesterday or as they call him here “The Master of the Meds.” about the Pros and Cons of  Palifermin. The reason why, well personally I find that the side effects from this medication are worst then having sores in your mouth like I had during my first transplant.
To my surprise he agreed with me and himself was questioning the usefulness of this medication. This medication has only been around for less then 5 years and is still in it’s trial period. The average wholesale price of Palifermin is approximately $1700 per 6.25 mg vial dose. Pretty expensive stuff!
So conclusion. He cancelled the next 3 doses that I was suppose to get as I posted yesterday.
I’d rather suck on ice cubes during the Chemo and he also told me that this was very effective.
He suggested that I start this half an hour prior to the Chemo, During the Chemo and about 15 minutes after. So that’s what I did this morning. I have to admit that I was a little nervous prior to the Chemo but everything went very well.
Tomorrow same plan But Coumadin (Blood thinner) will be added the the chemo to prevent Blood cloths around the Picc Line.
Then Thursday I will be moved to the isolation room and start Acyclovir (Antiviral Drug) for prevention and also Zofran .
Friday my little baby cells will be given back to me. They have been frozen for 7 years, I bet they can’t wait to get out of that cold spell!
Saturday will be added Neupogen injections daily Neupogen is a granulocyte colony-stimulating factor. In other words it stimulates the bone marrow to increase production of neutrophils.
The injections of  Neupogen will continue daily until the numbers start to climb up again.
I have to apologize for not answering my emails to all of you who have written to me. I’ll be catching up on this as soon as possible.
I have to thank LLS Canada (La Société de leucémie et lymphome du Canada) and Illumine La Nuit Quebec for posting on Facebook for me. Also thank you to Gabi Vermaak and Denis P. Muller.(Also Cancer Fighters) for Tweeting for me on Twitter for the past 5 days. Now I’m Back online!
Also thank you to CanSupport for the Free TV in my room and also for the Parking Pass so my Wonderful wife can visit daily. Greatly appreciated.  At $18 dollars a day I could not afford it.
Thank you little Angels!
So this will be my post for today. I’ll go and take care of some of those emails.
Keep Fighting!