Stem Cell Transplant Blog Day 4

Good evening everyone
Finally got the schedule for the coming week.
So today was a break from the Pelifermin.
Still had Blood work, vitals etc.
Tomorrow I will receive my first High dose Melphalan.
Then another dose on Wednesday.
Thursday I start the Antibiotics to prevent infections but no Chemo.
Then Friday is the day I get my Stem Cells back!!!
After that It’s again a waiting game. I will receive other medications but I will get the schedule for that tomorrow.
I still have not resolved the internet connection problems but I’m working on it.
I need to have it solved because once they move me to the isolation room I wont be able to have access to this computer.
Hopefully everything should be fixed by then. If not I wont be able to Blog so I HAVE to solve this!
That’s it for Tonight.
Keep Fighting!
Yvon or…Angelina Ugly!