Stem Cell Transplant Blog Day 17…..Travelling Back in time!

Hi everyone!

I’m finally awake! lol

Man, I thought I was tired before, now I’m re-tired!!!

Anyway, let’s move back in time and pretend that it’s Feb 6 2011.

Wake up feeling like crap again and very tired. But cant wait to get my Blood Work results. Still feeling nauseous and have Diarrhea. Not much appetite but I eat fruit salads, yogurt and stuff like that. They decide to put me on TPN (total parenteral nutrition). See Wiki for more info:

I dont really like the idea! Why I was put on this is because I do not eat enough according to them. No kidding!!! Well  let me tell you that this is my 8th hospital stay in 8 different Hospitals and the food here is just truly AWFUL! It’s all reheated stuff. And it’s not just me. It’s their no 1 complaint at this Hospital. The Hospital where I got my first transplant is just 1 mile away and I was told that the patients there eat an average of 30% more! No kidding!

Great news though, Guess what my Neutrophils  just 10 days after transplant are at? 6.23…Wow! 0.51 yesterday!

And to say I had a talk with a nurse 2 days ago about my numbers climbing already and she said it would go back down, it was just a twitch. But I did not believe her, I know my body. Numbers Jumped up just like my first Transplant. Yahoooo!

So, Blood counts:
WBC 7.29
Hgb  110
Platelets 31 ….a little low!
Neutrophils 6.23, Bingo!

I slept through most of that day. My only thoughts were: I wanna go Home……. ET go home!

Nothing much more happened that day. I knew I was on my way back and did it again. Felt Proud of myself!

Went to bed at 9.

Thanks for reading again.

Catch you tomorrow for day 18.

Keep Fighting!