Stem Cell Transplant Blog Day 16

Wake up little Stem Cells…Wake up….I wanna go home!

Well today still feeling like crap but!!! Neutrophils are on the rise…Hiiiiiii Haaaaaaaa!

No need for platelets today . Still nauseous and very tired but the good news is Awesome.

Counts for today:

WBC  0.82
Hemoglobin 106
Platelets 38

I am also felling periods of lower back pain but that is a side effect from Neupogen. It’s a good sign that it’s doing it’s job.

Besides that, the rest of the day I rest,rest,rest! Very important.

That’s it for today. I know it’s a short one but I’ll catch up when the Brain end energy are a little better. Any day now!

I also have 237 emails in my inbox to take car of!

Thank you all for reading.

Keep Fighting!