Stem Cell Transplant Blog Day 13-14-15

Hello to you all.

First I’d like to apologies for not blogging for the past 3 days.
Wednesday, no Internet connection because of the snow storm.
Thursday, No Brain connection because numbers were so low. haha

And today, well I am receiving my first Platelet infusion of my life, I  just see it as another life experience. The bag of platelets to my surprise if the color of Mango juice.

Despite all of this. By this I mean all the nausea and diarrhea and tiredness. To my great joy I still make people laugh. I was told today that I was the funniest patient the Chaplin had ever met. By the  way  call him Charly..Chaplin!

Hopefully energy will be better tomorrow. As there are some subjects that I’d like to Blog about.

No it’s not a far away Planet. It’s when your Neutrophils are at their lowest. Yesterday the were at 0.01!
So I’m Neutropenic.

Yesterdays numbers:
WBC 0.15
RBC 3.31
Hgb 111
Platelets 32
Neurophils 0.01

WBC  0.21
RBC  3.41
Hgb  116
Platelets 21
Neutrophils 0.05

Moral still 200%.

That’s all for today.  Peace and Prosperity to you all Neutrophillians!

Keep Fighting!