Stem Cell Transplant Blog Day 12

Hello everyone.

Today I thought I’d write simply about my day so far.

Morning started at 5 AM with Blood Work
8:30 Vitals plus blood work results.
9:00 Meds + added Pentoloc for terrible heart burn. Seems to be doing it’s job finally!
9:15 Breakfast
10:00 Nurse visit to see how I’m feeling. OK!
10:30 Meet with Cardiologist for irregular and high heart rate.
11:10 Meet with Docs to talk about Meds adjustments.
12:00 Meal……At least that’s what they call it!!!!
13:20 Student Doctor Exam!
14:00 Shower!
And now on the Internet for the past hour.

Blood work results:

WBC 0.47
Hgb   122
Platelets  77
Neutrophils  0.40

As you can see numbers have come way down. Not much of an immune system left, so, extra careful not to catch anything. Numbers should start raising again any day now.

Besides that feeling OK. No more nausea but still diarrhea.

I heard from the Docs that they will put me on a cardiac holter Monitor for 24 hours just to check my heart out carefully. Not quite sure if that’s today or tomorrow.

I do feel tired but with those numbers it’s understandable.
This is my 12th day here so far. I was told my stay would probably be another 10 days approx. Sure can’t wait to go home. I received my Cells 4 days ago. I’m Cheering them on the best I can!

That will be it for today. Going for a nap.

Keep Fighting!