Stem Cell Transplant Blog Day 11

Hello Everyone.

Sorry for not Blogging much yesterday. Just too tired. Feeling a little better today. I feel like a Lion in a cage in here. Can’t Wait to go back home. I keep imagining myself in my living room next to the fireplace just “being there”! Just a little more patience….Ommmmmmmmm! haha!

Besides that, physically still a little nausea and diarrhea but allot less then 3 days ago. I go for my daily walk on the hospital floor with a Mask for protection of course. But I do it everyday. There is also a tiny bicycle. I do 15 min. every 2 days now. Exercise has been proven to accelerate recovery, so keep moving. Of course I don’t always feel like it but I still push myself to do it.

Appetite is still not quite there yet. I do eat a little but not much for the last few days. Mostly Fruit salad, soups, porridge and Boost drinks to compensate. It’s like I wrote before “The greatest diet in the world”!

I have to be grateful for my Wife who takes care of so many little details. Having a Picc Line makes it a little harder to shower. Having to wrap the upper left arm with plastic and tape so no water goes on the dressing for the Picc Line. So I have to leave my left arm up while showering just to be on the safe side. While still being hoocked up to Gertrude my dancing partner!

If you read this and are scheduled for a Hospital stay like me, bring a good deodorant soap because you end up smelling pretty weird with the Chemo and also from the Preservatives that your Stem Cells have been bathing in while frozen. As soon as you start receiving the cells you can actually taste it. I can’t find a way to describe the taste or the smell. My wife says it smells like Artichokes!?! Ok…sure didn’t taste like it! lol

So, here are the numbers for today:

WBC   2.71
Hgb    121
Platelets 108
Neutrophils 2.63

As you can see if you compare from day to day it’s pretty much a roller coaster for now!

Well, I will try to eat something now!

Keep Fighting!