Stem Cell Transplant Blog Day 10

Good afternoon to you all.

Well today I took a day off sort of. Just slept more then usual. Feeling tired. i was asked how long my hospital stay would be. I have no idea so far!

I took the time to shave my head off today, That way I won’t end up with hair all over the place.

Here is the result:

Ya, I know I’ve looked better! Gotta go with the flow. Another temporary physical side effect! Doesn’t bother me at all. I find it Funny!
Besides that not much new today. Blood work results show that the Neupogen is already working if you compare it to yesterday’s results.
WBC  10.94
Hgb   120
Platelets 139
Neutrophils  10.82
I was told that Neutrophils should go back down though. We will see.
Catch you tomorrow.
Keep Fighting!