Stem Cell Mobilisation

I am learning so much this week I simply cannot keep track of it all. Well, I can, because this shit is my job isn’t it?

Today I am going to tell you about the riveting world of stem cell mobilisation. The lovely chemotherapy on Tuesday was the start of this process and then on Wednesday, I started a ten day course of injections to prepare my body for next week’s harvest. I am going to keep saying next week’s harvest because there is no way it is going to be delayed. Hear that germs? No way.

As I sit typing this, I like to imagine that my stem cells are making the massive journey from my bones into my blood stream. They’ve always been desperate for a swim, they just didn’t know it. Well, some have clearly flown the safety of the nest previously, but I need loads. Millions to be not at all precise.

They tricked me with the injections. It’s actually two per night and not one. At least these are already made up and living in my fridge, and the syringes have tiny needles. The injections are to be taken in the evening, every 24 hours. I have selected a poking time of 20:00hrs. There is nothing like predictability, to keep one on their toes.

Lots of drugs.

I have finally been able to get my hands on a sharps bin, but I had to ask. The yellow boxes are dead exciting, and prevents my bin men from wondering why the hell there are 27 needles in my rubbish bin. Oh and apparently it is some sort of health hazard. I’m being thoughtful. The hospital did forget to give me antiseptic wipes, I have seen enough people give me injections to know I need those, but I am resourceful and some have been sourced.


In a few days time, I may apparently experience a whole new type of bone pain because of the injections. As this is a ‘possible’ side effect, I definitely think it will happen, so Mamma Jones’ is getting me some co-codamol so I can still party.

There have been a few, and by a few, I understand it is just a few cases of people rupturing their spleen following these injections. I am not imagining that this will happen. I do not want to be a medical marvel.

My fingers then are crossed. These bad boys have to work don’t they? If memory serves, there is either a one in ten or three in a hundred chance of them not working, but again, positivity will see me through.

As a friend kindly advised today, I’m just hanging in there.