Stem Cell, MMRF Race Update and More Overdue Updates

So, I’ve been really bad about updating lately. My apologizes.

Race Update

So a few days before the race, M tells me that his dad’s friend is coming into town and that he needs to pick him up at the airport. In return he’s going to take us out to dinner. I’ve met his dad’s friend before, so it wasn’t too weird to me.

We arrive at the airport but we don’t see Charlie the first time around so we head to the cell phone lot to wait. M gets a phone call and we head back around.  I start scanning the crowd looking for Charlie’s beard and grey hair. M starts to get out of the car like he sees him, but I don’t. M goes, “who’s that?” And suddenly my eyes settle on a tall guy with grey hair. At first my mind tries to make it be Charlie, but it’s all confused because it’s not Charlie it’s …. MY DAD!!!!!!!!!

I was totally SHOCKED and all of these weird thoughts start running through my head that make no sense like  – did my Dad escape from the hospital and get on the same flight as Charlie? It takes a second to realize that there was no Charlie! So I get out of the car to hug my dad and then there’s my MOM!

It turns out that the doctors told them they could travel while they were waiting for the insurance so they hopped on a plane!!! They found out on a Wednesday and by Thursday they were in Boston!

They booked a room in Boston so that I wouldn’t have to drive to the race.We spent some time exploring Boston and walking around.

The race was in South Boston, along Carson Beach.  We got Dad a survivor shirt and Mom and Dad met a couple from Long Island that they talked to a lot. The woman also had multiple myeloma and had undergone a stem cell transplant.

It stopped raining just before the race started, which was good. I completed the course in 35 minutes 35 seconds – which was good for me and about where I thought I’d be. My first mile was 9 minutes 45 seconds… and then I got slower lol.

The winner ran it in under 17 minutes. YIKES!

At the end of the race – Wally the Green Monster was there, so we snapped a photo together!!!

It was great to see so many people out there supporting the cause. The speaker said that the first year there were only 100 participants; this year there were over 500 runners and many more walkers. :)

Many people had signs pinned to the back of their shirts that told about their loved one with multiple myeloma.

Here’s some more photos of the Race courtesy of the MMRF.

ps. the last photo in the slideshow is perhaps the worst photo of me every taken. White t-shirts are NOT flattering on me.

Newer Updates

The stem cell has been approved through the insurance! YAY!

Dad has one more round of chemo before they harvest his stem cells.

They are letting him do it outpatient so he goes into the hospital and then gets to take the fluids home in a little back pack.

We thought about calling the backpack Mini Matilda, but Dad says she doesn’t dance so it’ll need a new name.

After they harvest the stem cells, there’s a waiting period of about 10 days before they can do the actual transplant.

Then it’s three weeks in the hospital and then a few weeks where he has to stay pretty isolated.

BUT if all things go as scheduled, there’s a chance he could travel for Christmas! yay

Dad’s numbers look really good and he has been doing a lot better than he was in June.

He still has some hair, but is expected to lose it with the next round or so. We talked to the lady at the race and she said hers grew back curly and that’s pretty common for hair to grow back curly.

Can you imagine Dad with curly hair?!