Stem Cell Harvest – Day 1

Today was the start of the stem cell harvest process, all seemed to go well. My appointment was for 0800 CST but did not get in until 0820 and was off the machine by 1400. Mom was with me most of the day, I did get a nap in for about an hour or so. I had to lay very still because there was a steel needle in my left arm and the return line in my right arm.

Stem Cell Collection 11/10/09The BMT Nurse called at about 1600 and told me that I collected ~5 million stem cells, well on my way to a goal of 8 Million. My next appointment is Wednesday morning at 0700 and following the collection I have a CT scan at 1300.

Tracy is on her way down tonight, she had classes until 1600 at Nursing School then hit the road. She will more than likely stay at her sister’s tonight and finder her way to Mayo in the AM. The gils came with and Sumner stayed home, he is going deer hunting this weekend!

There was a pot luck at the Gift of Life House tonight sponsored by the Dan Abraham Center, that was a nice break! Tried to do a little work realted stuff tonight but just got some documents downloaded and saved. Had trouble finding earlier dwonloads, this is my first experience with Citrix and i had to search around to see where I saved some – thought they were on my C drive, not!

Funny experience when I went in for my bone marrow biopsy earlier last week. I went into the prep room and there was a person watching what the nurses were doing and she had a clipboard! QA! I was part of a QA inspection! At least I knew the process was being followed! We exchanged a couple of QA pleasantries before she left and then I was put under.