…..the bleedin’ obvious, I have Cancer. I am not saying this for any reason other than to tell myself that its ok not to feel on top of the world and Little Miss Sunshine all of the time.

I am bombarding my body with toxins. My bones ache, my skin is sore, my body is tired and all in all I feel pretty lousy. Nothing tastes good any more and I have lost my appetite. Most of all I am frustrated at not having the strength and energy to do the things I want to and YES right now I am feeling very sorry for myself.

It will pass I will get my positive mental attitude back but I think I have to accept that it is OK not to feel great all of the time.

Yesterday ended up as being a bit of a write off and I fear the same for today. My lovely generous brother has planned a Mother’s Day family treat for today but quite honestly I don’t think I am up to it, I am sure everyone will understand.

I shall try and perk up for Mothering Sunday.

Details of which therapist to choose will have to go on hold, I am afraid, so don’t go needing to find one over the weekend, just hold fire!

Normal service to be resumed on Monday.

Have a good weekend.

Deborah x

Scores on the board

Physical Health = 5.5 (I’m sure it could be a lot worse)
Mental Health = 6