Starting Cycle 7 of 2010, 2nd with Cytoxan

Just met with Dr. Anderson, and we have changed up the routine a little. I will be coming in once a week for Velcade infusions at 1.6 mg/ml for 4 weeks, with the 5th week off. On infusion days, also, I will take 12 of the Cytoxan pills (60 mg) and 10 dex (40 mg) which is quite an increase in the steroid. He was reluctant to ask it of me, knowing how I feel about dex, but I agreed to try it and we went over my arsenal of side effect management tools, from Marinol to actual pot to smoke. I asked how many sleeping pills max I can take and he said “a couple”. He pointed out that by taking such a large dose once a week, I would have all the other days WITHOUT the side effects, like working through it only once rather than two times a week is better.

My counts weren’t that bad but I will get Procrit today. So tonight I will be flying high, very over-stimulated, between the Procrit and Dex. Maybe Greg will get some, huh. Ha ha. He asked if I had any other questions/ concerns and I almost brought up sex drive but decided I would just try to use the dex high to our advantage this time… my poor husband didn’t even get anniversary sex yesterday on our 7-year. But that was mainly because I was busy cropping, editing and posting all the pictures from the weekend, I stayed at that until almost midnight. I still have the Taylor Brunch to work on. I plan to upload some to CostCo and order them for some 5 X 7 collage frames we have. 

The day of the wedding (Saturday) we woke to rain. I think I mentioned that the rehearsal was done inside at the Carl House due to a pretty good storm. So it looked sort of like she wouldn’t get the weather every bride dreams of, but as my sisters and I hung out in the spa Saturday afternoon, the gloomy overcast day cleared and by late afternoon, the sun was even poking out. We got pedicures, massages, and then had lunch in our robes at the spa’s little cafe. It was all wonderful. Kendra and Kathy bought a few gifts in the gift shop for their daughters and we headed up to our rooms to nap, do my treatment, get showers and start getting ready. Greg had gone fishing with his brother Michael and I burned one nagging reminder call at 4 when I thought it was time for him to start heading back to the hotel to get into his tux and be on time for the wedding.
Everything was so beautiful and the weather was gorgeous. I took a LOT of pictures and felt OK the whole time. I drank 2 or 3 glasses of red wine, and even made it out to the dance floor. Greg and I had asked the DJ to play “Don’t Know Much” by Aaron Neville and he played it not long after Lindsey and Andrew’s first dance so we got out there. A few other couples came out but the DJ didn’t keep the floor full or anything until later in the night when it got very party-ous. I guess a highlight of the evening was when I whispered to Greg that the whole thing had been “… worth every penny” and he hugged me tight and told me I didn’t know how much it meant to him to hear me say that. Lindsey was a radiant bride and the reception was a lot of fun. They did all the customary stuff, cutting the cake, throwing bouquet, the garter flipped to the single guys. For the Father/Daughter dance, Lindsey had Kristin come take over, saying she didn’t get a father/daughter dance at her wedding, so that was special.
She did treat me with the respect I deserve for how much we paid and what all I have done for her in her life. I was seated by Greg as part of the beginning of the ceremony, after grandparents, before actual Mon, and I was given a bundle of roses to wear like others. On the program it listed Mr. and Mrs. Greg Taylor as “Father of the Bride” so I guess she couldn’t bear to use the term “stepmother” but that’s OK. I usually can’t say “stepdaughter” to refer to her, either. At the end of the evening, after she and Andrew left for their hotel down by the airport so they could leave for their flight to the Dominican Republic butt early, she texted Evelyn, who just HAD to run up to Greg with her phone and show him and ask if he got a message from her yet. He did get one, later, and it was all to Greg, nothing thanking ME really. Ah well.
Monday I tried to do some gardening but it was too hot out and I was tired. I crashed for several hours, then worked on painting little garden signs (labels for the plants) with my oil paints, since it was nice staying in the air conditioning. Madalize made a homemade chicken pot pie when she got home and we ate that in front of the TV. Ace has been really clingy toward me, I guess he is fed up with these out-of-town weekends. I did have them outside with me in the morning but even their fur felt really hot and they were staying on the patio, rolling around on the flagstone, which is probably cooler than anywhere else. They both napped with me just like old times. (Well, Ace alongside me and Andre in his ‘cave’ that Aunt Kendra gave him.)