starting 4th cycle of Velcade

Today I see the doctor. Since I have all my numbers, it’s going in and discussing them with him and then I go to the infusion room for my Velcade shot.

At least it’s not raining. We really had a ton of rain and many reservoirs here in Northern California are at capacity. So good news on that front.

After the doctor and shot were going to Costco mostly for nonfood items. We need garbage bags, laundry soap etc.  Then we will get some lunch. Since I have to take dex when I get home, not much for the afternoon planned. I might sort another bin or two in the barn. I got thru one yesterday and put a series called ‘lemony Snicket and the series of Unfortunate Events’. I might try and sell them on eBay but usually, that just delays me from giving them to the ASPA bookstore.

But, I’m sure my son, now 21, isn’t going to reread them so off they go.. Looking at the other bins of star wars stuff is just too much, so another day. I’ve decided though we are going to clean out my son’s side of the barn he had been using when friends came over. It was great for a while. TV, futon etc. Now it just feels cluttered and grubby.  Usually,we take stuff (like the futon) down to the corner and someone takes it for free. But this weekend it’s raining so another time.