Stag! Canon! Sous-tendu!

Things that are making me happy right now:

Inhaling Warrior soap from Future Primitive

Brewing Earl Grey with Cherry tea from the Hebden Bridge Tea Company

Watching the incredible growth of the Verbena Bonariensis plants in my herb garden – taller than me!
Reading “The Rest of Us” by Jessica Lott.
Looking forward to trying to recreate an amazing meal eaten at the Hebden Bridge Trades Club, using my new Tibetan cookbook.
Planning autumnal sewing projects.
Clearing more clutter.
Knitting socks – of course!

Adding spice to my diy fitness regime by breaking into a chorus of “This sh*t is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s!” once out of earshot of the neighbours.
With accompanying kick-boxing moves, naturally.
Oh – and occasionally throwing in a shout of “Stag!…Canon!… Sous-tendu!” is fun too.
This is what comes of watching “Step 2 The Streets” with The Girl. It’s kinda hard to do a canon on your own though… the dog just won’t cooperate.
And my stag is particularly shabby.