Stacy Died

Stacy was the wonderful young mother of two small girls and as warm, caring, and upbeat a person as I’ve ever known. She was struck down today by myeloma.

I feel so damn ANGRY at this disease. So helpless. I hate it! My own ride with myeloma has been easy by comparison, but now I’ve personally known thirteen people, shaken their hands and spoken face-to-face, people like Stacy, who have gone down before this merciless killer. All of them died too early, and Stacy’s death is a particular tragedy.

Some people say that new treatments for myeloma might eventually turn it from a uniformly fatal disease into a chronic one. That’s a great goal, but we’re not there yet, not when a young wife and mother of two cannot be saved by the best medical care on earth. There is a lot of work to do.

Stacy, we love you and we commend you to the hands of God. We will most certainly miss you here.

Stacy, second from left, with her mother and two daughters: