Stable is GOOD

I have to gladly report that the last M-band reading 13 Dec is at 3.5g/L (lower than Oct’s 3.7) M-band has been at below 4g/L for the past 2 years with Revlimid 10mg and Dexa (reduced from 20mg to 12mg) as maintenance.This is stable and would be considered a good reading since the doctor recommended a pause from Revlimid since Nov but keeping a low dose of dexa 12mg once a week. I have been re-classified as being MGUS.
I deeply thankful for the present situation however all this is viewed with quiet trepidation since myeloma can be quirky. Thankful that having a break from Revlimid has improved my general well-being and I am more able to do most activities with less fatigue.  I have received many compliments of looking “good”. PTL.