Stable Again

June 2, 2011

I’m still on the pomalidomide drug study at Mayo Clinic, and the cancer markers seem stable after the 42nd 28-day cycle. IgG is down a little, M-spike up a little, and Lambda light chains are down. Par for the course. I take just 2 mg of that miracle molecule every night, along with some aspirin and an anti-viral to ward off shingles. I’ve enjoyed well over three years of a high-quality lifestyle, including 25 marathons, since starting pomalidomide.

Other test results are not quite as comforting though. For some reason calcium is a little high, and two different kidney markers are at the top edge of the reference range. I probably haven’t been drinking enough water. Those tests are done every month, and we’ll see how they look next month. Dr. RH didn’t even mention them, so he probably wasn’t concerned.

TSH is a thyroid marker which goes high when thyroid output goes low, and TSH was a little high, for the first time in years. It does bounce around some, and I’ll get another reading in three months. I take a couple of supplements for thyroid, but haven’t changed that.

Some Current Test Results: