I find myself in the end of the second cure series. Just a couple of days taking Revlimid (15 mg) and I can take a break for two weeks. Without any evidence I have the feeling that I’ve gotten into a more stable period. On July 8th the third series start. It’s confusing to adjust to shifting situations, but in this case it’s not so hard. I have a positive feeling. My energy level is getting better, I can do more and I enjoy al kinds of things. Mowing the lawn? I’ve done it twice now, tomorrow again. Now you must consider I have a mower I sit on, but I have a large garden, so it takes about an hour to finish. A boat ride? I’ve taken the boat out three times already. Things I dared not dream of in April. Driving my car? I’ve been driving to Amsterdam a couple of times already. So…as long as there is a wheel to hold, I’m glad. Gadgets? I’m the proud owner of a Raspberry Pi, the cheapest complete computer available. This takes care of streaming all my films and series, so I can see them in my bed wirelessly. It works fantastically and I like to fool around with these kinds of toys. On the back of my screen I stuck a media player the size of a deck of cards. I totally like it, so play with!