Mid-harvest:  the straw has since been baled

Back to work tomorrow.  I had last week off work and spent it painting walls, clearing out gutters and regathering myself.
I did lots of knitting, but no sewing at all.
My decluttering has been merciless.
I am still reading “The Country of Ice Cream Star”. Slowly, slowly because I don’t want it to end.
I seem to be in a place where I want to burrow into books and knitting projects and just… feel the sand between my toes.

So I am making another enormous blanket.
This one is knitted out of Cascade Eco + in the richest cosiest shade of red you can imagine.  I am on row 78 and am perhaps 2/3 of the way through the first ball of yarn.  I have five.  That’s an awful lot of knitting!
The pattern is Old World by Abigail Phelps – I won it from the Knitting Go Podcast and it is turning out to be a really straightforward knit.

I also have FL’s Christmas socks on the needles, because if I knit him socks he will still be here for Christmas.  That’s how my mind is working right now.
These are the Woodcutter’s Socks by Rachel Coopey, from Enchanted Knits.  The yarn is from the Dublin Dye Company, in the colour Stone Wall.

And this my latest Knitting Goddess / Rachel Coopey sock club yarn – wowzer!
I really need to get these cast on asap – what a blast of sunshine!