Springy cast-ons

I am having a casting-on splurge in penance for  to celebrate buying yarn last weekend.  There’s a new pair of Rachel Coopey socks on the needles:  two sets of dpns have been deployed.

At the second attempt, I even made sure that both sets were the same size…!  I can now confirm that 2.25mm is my preferred size and not the 2.5mm I assumed.  That quarter of a millimetre was the difference between neat stitches and baggy ones, and I am so glad I spotted the error only four rows in to sock cuff 2!

These are in the Echeveria pattern, which starts off with a twisted rib, meanders into lace, celebrates colourwork around the ankles, and then returns back the way it came – fab! The yarn is Lorna’s Laces from the Socktopus sock club way back when.  This is my third attempt at a pair of socks in this yarn.  Hopefully it will work out this time.

I also intend to cast on for Talia, a knee-high colourwork extravaganza.  The wool for these is Yarn Yard Marchmont in the colours:  Beetroot, Blueberry Juice and Lavender.  The Lavender was my Small Skein Society delivery for February.  The base is a lovely “round”  superwash merino.  I have slight concerns about my colour combination – it is so hard to tell when you buy yarn online, however good the pictures.  Even in daylight, I am unsure.  I will just have to start knitting and see what happens!

Last but not least, I am yearning for a shawl / scarf in this gorgeous springy yellow/ green from Skein Queen.  I have been saving this yarn for the right occasion – and I think that time is now, it being SPRING, allegedly.  Which pattern?  Hmmm…  maybe Zigzag Wanderer?

S’watch this space!

Thanks for all the suggestions on what to do with my 70’s smock.  I do like the print, so I may try to rescue it.

And if the Fiona who left a comment yesterday IS my cousin, please leave a comment on an older post with your email address – how are you? Where are you?  I moderate all comments on posts over a week old, so it wouldn’t be published.

The same to anyone else who wants to contact me “off-blog”:  just comment on an old post and I will pick it up privately. 

Right… knitting!