Spring is here!

Our weather is beautiful. Today its going to be 70 degrees. So nice. Plus everything is starting to bloom and all the grass is growing and is so green. Even our oaks are almost out. I’m pretty sure this is early for them as I usually remember them more toward the end of April. Plus having El Nino this year, Lake Tahoe and many other lakes are at capacity. this is great news for our drought. We pulled out the gas barbeque and already have used it. This time of year we eat out on the patio, which is right outside the front door. We will do this all the way to fall. We have the patio umbrellas up to block the sun, as the sun hits this area by @ 5 pm. We might go to Home depot to pick up some pavers as we want to extend the one patio area by one more row. We’ll see, I’ve been out the last 2 days so, not sure.

No news on the damn VW. He hasn’t called to even say what’s up. I don’t think I’m bringing the car back there , even though its a short walk from our house. We did stop and pay the registration fees yesterday even though the smog is not done. We’ll just have to bring the smog certificate into AAA when it’s done. Geez, what a PITA.

I’ve worked on the budget and it’s doable but tight. Plus we’re going down to Santa Cruz camping the week of April 19, so we’ll need cash for that.  I’m thinking with all the taxes done, car tags etc, hopefully, May will get us back on track. My daughter graduates in May with her Library degree, so a gift of some sort has to be included.

I’m also thinking any future bonuses B gets must be line itemed for these annual bills. Next year our taxes won’t be so bad as there’s no stock sales. Also, later this month I will put in for the LLS reimbursement of insurance( my portion on my husband’s insurance). That little bit helps a lot. The Leukemia Lymphoma Society does such and outstanding job in helping many of us with co-pays and insurance . It is much appreciated.

This weekend is Pat Killingsworth’s Myeloma Survival School. I would have loved to go to Florida to meet many of the on line people that I’ve gotten to know. Everyone still misses Pat so much. What a legacy he has left. The doctor who was treating Pat (Dr. Tricot) will be there to speak. Hopefully someone will pass on what he says.