Spring in Ann Arbor

It has been quite some time since I last post. I reluctantly come back to write –  the start of our 3 weeks vacation in Ann Arbor was disappointing. P came down with flu from day 1 and that took away our first week. Needless to say, I caught the cold and cough bug the second week. We spent most of the time, convalescing!
There were days we could drive out to the mall or supermarkets to pick up necessities. I had needed to make two trips, one to a minute clinic to get a Ventolin inhaler prescribed. I forgot to bring one for the trip. Another time, I had to go to an urgent care clinic for a very upset tummy – bloatedness and diarrhea. But I am very thankful that I have recovered!
Although I am not pleased that a large part of our vacation time in Ann Arbor was “wasted”. Yet how to repudiate the reality of mm-ers’ vulnerable immunity. Recently I read of Pat K’s episode of cold just before a 2-day trip and it was a miserable time when he tried to do everything as everyone but suffered serious fatigue and tiredness after. Well, the same would go for me, if I had not spent most of my time resting and staying indoor. The weather had been cold and chilly and some wet days!  So you can imagine why I did not feel like writing! 

Ahh… having recovered, we made an overnight trip to Toledo, stayed in a B&B presently undergoing restoration. The Casey-Pomeroy house is most charming and historic, with antique furnishings, even the bed, so high, had to be accessed with a step-up.  We went to two attractions – the Toledo Zoo (for the grandsons) and the Toledo Museum of Art. The TMA is a must-see and worth every minute spent there. Best of all, its admission is free.  
The next morning before setting off and after a sumptuous breakfast, we drove around town for a bit and stopped by Paula Brown gift shop. It is such a delightful place with wonderful knick knacks for the home. We bought a white enamel kettle and some silicone covers. 

Today was also blessed. It was cold but we wrapped up warmly and headed to Dearbon, Detroit to the Henry Ford’s Greenfield Village. It was the highlight of our trip so far. The village contains replicas of American homesteads, plantation, homes of Wright brothers, Webster, Robert Frost, Henry Ford, village stores, jeweler, milliner etc. We rode in the vintage model T, 1931 AA bus. We ate at the Eagle Tavern offering food of 19th recipes.  It was a fabulous day of 5 hours well spent. I cannot imagine myself being able to spend such considerable time walking, I generally limit myself to 2 to 3 hours at any location. Any tourist to Detroit, must make a visit to Greenfield Village.

I started this post rather poorly but see how the holiday is turning out. One good week out of three is still reason for joy!!! I have been teaching our 3- year old grandson sing a Sunday School song with this lyric. “Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances” 1Thess5:16,17,18