Spirits are on the Rise

Without a post in almost 3 months, you may have suspected I have disappeared. Well, sort of, but it is all good. I have moved into the state where I am getting checkups every 3 months to review the status of my M-spike, along with all the other key numbers.

The cancer progress…well…it hasn’t progressed. I have been at a standstill of 0.1 M-spike since last December. This is great news. I am still on maintenance drugs to continue to suppress the disease, keeping hope that this will end up being a cure for my Multiple Myeloma.

The summer was wonderful. Our family is starting to come alive and although stress levels are still higher than I would like, we are moving beyond the day to day, week to week, craziness that Myeloma brings people. We are so thankful that our concerns of the day are returning to: What’s for dinner? What kid drew on the wall? Where are my keys?

I sense the spirit continue to rise in and around us. The state of Michigan I believe is on the same path; coming out of the ashes to birth new economy; new hope. For my body, I am looking for a rebirth as well with my new immune system trying to find its way in this world.

As an athlete raised up in Michigan Sports….can life really get any better (see: Lions, Tigers, UM, MSU)?!?!? Here’s a photo of me dominating the Lions game. I had not been to a game in 15 years.