Spinning in The Rain

It was only when I caught the news on TV this evening that I realised why people were worried about us.
Aberdeenshire is awash!

10am this morning

Last night, rainwater started to pour through the kitchen skylight.  The seal is dodgy  and has been for years, but it usually only gives way when the snow starts to thaw.  It is one of those things I need to take control of and get fixed… but it wasn’t going to happen at 10pm, so I stuck a sheep-feed bucket underneath, draped the French dresser with bin bags, and went to the bedroom to fetch FL’s hot water bottle.
The small puddle by the east-facing wall had turned into a big pond which stretched from the fireplace to the door.
I had to divert FL from his bed-wards stagger while I mopped it up.  It took me the best part of an hour.  I built a dam of towels round the affected area and escorted him through the shallows to the bed, which is at the other end of the room and therefore safe and dry.
We stuck our heads under the duvet and hoped for the best.

3pm this afternoon

This morning I mopped again and got the towels washed and out on the line… because by some miracle it turned out to be a bright and sunny day…despite a light fall of snow!
However, all that weather has cut us off from civilisation.
One by one the appointments were cancelled:

  • Community Alarm?  Next Wednesday.
  • District Nurse?  Monday.
  • MacMillan Nurse?  Monday.
So we are no further forward.
This morning I was at the end of my tether.
But when I saw the footage of the floods that surround us, I realised that we are actually incredibly lucky. 
Some people have lost their homes.
We just have a few soggy towels.
I spent the afternoon at my spinning wheel.
Tonight I am casting on a new sock.
It’s the weekend and we are not going anywhere.
We will be fine.