Spicy nonya soup

On the way from KL heading home to Singapore, we decided to spend a night at Majestic Malacca. It is one of our favorite accommodation in Malaysia. 

There were 3 cars heading to Malacca and we were at different hotels. That did not stop us from meeting up for meals. We had lunch of chicken rice balls at the junction of Jonker Walk. Some one commented that the size of the rice balls have shrunk! That’s the effect of inflation, if price remains the same, the food portion has to be reduced. 
For dinner, the more adventurous among us, went to Capitol at Bukit Cina to have satay celup. Sticks skewered with all kinds of meat and seafood, dunk into hot boiling peanut sauce. This famous and favorite outlet sees patrons queuing half an hour before opening time. Our friends KW and G, drove by to pick up Russ. 
P and I decided to give this authentic Malaccan dish, a miss and stayed in to have a light meal. We shared a main of fish fillet with spicy nonya sauce and a tangy oxtail soup. P said I was animatedly talking as I ate … ah … bad and poor eating habit! I thought I swallowed a fish bone! Never talk when eating fish… 
But really the fish was served fillet and I only felt an irritation when I was drinking the soup. 
I deduced that it was the spices in the soup that abrased my throat. I think it could be something like part of lemongrass etc. I could not really tell. It is impossible to exercise care over the drinking of soup, one tends to just swallow rather sieve the morsels contained therein. But there are real and present dangers in nonya spicy food, their spices can be hazardous. 

Anyway we did consult (by phone) P’s cousin who is an ENT doc. Thankfully, the next morning I did not feel the irritation in the throat. Thankfully we did not have to rush back to Singapore. I will exercise more care when I eat. P will for the next few days, nay, weeks and months, be cautioning me about fish bones whenever we eat! 
P, my doting husband, also nags. 

We truly give thanks to the Lord that no harm came to me! Amen.