Sphenoid sinus surgery…….CHECK

I’m home y’all. Surgery went well but was in recovery longer than planned. Walked into admissions at 10:45 this morning, got in the car for the ride home about 7 pm. Got home a little after 8. Surgery was only about an hour or so. My heart rate was a bit high afterward so I think that was the delay in recovery. I told them I puke up Percocet and codeine so the anesthesiologist said he planned to shoot my face up with painkiller after the surgery so that maybe I could get by on Tylenol post-op. It did not register to me that he probably meant lidocaine and so I did not warn him not to use the epinephrine type. This might have been the reason for the tachycardia. Me and eppy are not on good terms. Thanks for the good thoughts y’all. I am glad it’s over and now just hoping I don’t have any of the complications that can happen. It’s a tough trek into Mt. Sinai, not horrible, but I’ve got hospitals all around me that would be easier to get to. A little afraid to eat right now, but, I guess I gotta put that toe in the water some time. I seem to have kept water and a ginger cookie down, so far.