Specimatch Launches First-of-its-Kind Clinical Trial Monitoring for Cancer Patients ONE MONTH FREE OFFER!

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The folks at Specimatch reached out to me, hoping that our readers would find this of interest.  I’m intrigued.  After looking at this program, I decided to give them some coverage.  They’ve provided readers of this blog a code to receive ONE MONTH Free:   SMATCH11  (expires March 1, 2017)

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Web-based software service connects patients, oncologists to a comprehensive database of more than 250,000 clinical trials and targeted therapies

****Some quick details:
Powered by Thomson Reuters and healthcare start-up Specimatch, Specimatch.com’s interface was created to let both doctors and patients take part in the management of their cancer care. The program is an oncologist-created cloud- and web-based software, taking the clinical and genetic data from the patient and continuously scouring more than 250K trials for precision-matched treatment opportunities. With both a clinician and a patient interface, it allows oncologists better partner with patients in ensuring the best possible outcomes from their treatment plan. It’s the first service to easily put hard-to-find trial information in the hands of patients and their caregivers, empowering them to take an active role in their care.

ATLANTA, (December 1, 2016) –– Specimatch, the first continual clinical trial monitoring service, announced today the availability of its web-based software service for cancer patients and oncologists. On Specimatch.com, users can easily and intuitively connect to clinical trials personally matched to the patient’s genetic and clinical profiles.

Reducing the impact of cancer continues to grow as a priority across not only the healthcare sector, but also influential institutions ranging from global advocacy groups to the White House. Clinical trials are a key driver in bringing cancer breakthroughs to market, yet 75 percent of investigators fail to enroll the targeted amount of patients per trial despite hundreds of millions of dollars in spending per trial. Although trials offer first access to cutting-edge precision treatments, approximately 85 percent of U.S. cancer patients lack access to these opportunities and only 3 percent are successfully placed into trials.

“Accessibility to cancer trials is not only critical to improving the quality of precision medicine, but it is also an invaluable option for the cancer patient whose survival is at stake,” said Dr. Ken Dixon, founder of Specimatch, and founder/surgical oncologist of Surgical Oncologists of Northeast Georgia. “We created Specimatch as a solution for patients and oncologists to tap into a complex landscape of breakthrough treatments with both accuracy and simplicity. Specimatch alleviates the gaps in care by putting the power of precision medicine in the hands of patients and the doctors with whom they partner in the fight against cancer.”

Specimatch is a monthly subscription-based software service offering:

·         Continual 24/7 Monitoring – Combs database (powered by Thomson Reuters) of more than 250,000 trials to identify matching trials in real time, based on a user-completed clinical and genetic profile

·         Email Notifications – Alerts users to latest clinical trials matching their specific molecular diagnosis

·         Patient Interface – Allows patients to manage their information and matching trials anywhere through the intuitive, web- and mobile-friendly Care Timeline

·         Care Provider Interface – Allows clinicians to review and manage information for each of their patients in one place

·         HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Infrastructure – Protects patient information with best-in-class measures exceeding HIPAA requirements

“Specimatch restores the power that a cancer diagnosis can often steal from a patient,” Dr. Dixon said. “We are proud to provide this timely information and access because we believe it’s how cancer will meet its match and survival rates will improve.”

For more information on Specimatch, visit www.specimatch.com.

***Readers of this blog may use the following code to get 1 month free of this innovative new program:  SMATCH11  (expires March 1, 2017)

About Specimatch

Specimatch is a first-of-its-kind web-based software service enabling patients and their doctors to intelligently share an expanded knowledge base to better determine the right individual cancer care. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Specimatch was founded in 2016 by Dr. Ken Dixon, founder/surgical oncologist of Surgical Oncologists of Northeast Georgia, and is designed, operated and managed by a team of experienced clinical oncologists and proprietary software developers. For more information, visit www.specimatch.com and follow updates from Specimatch on Facebook and Twitter.