Special Moments with Emery

With Leah heading into surgery the morning after I arrived, it was important for Emery and I to become buddies fairly quickly in order for Momma to truly rest and recuperate. Thankfully she warmed right up to me and we spent some really sweet time together in the days to follow. Em loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I got some points right off the bat when I brought a bag of Minnie goodies (yes, it is a Victoria Secret bag, but it was just the right size and it was pink, so I went with it!). Just love this little sweetie pie!

The following are iPhone pics I took as we walked, played and hung out together. I loved every minute of it and Leah was allowed to heal following her surgery. So blessed to be able to spend this kind of time with my youngest granddaughter. (She is very photogenic, so be prepared for alot of pictures!)

On our last walk we headed back down to historic Marietta Square so Emery could play on the locomotive. She was such a big girl sitting in it all by herself! What a wonderful park to have just a few blocks from the house.

Near the end of the week I began to see definite signs that Fall was on its way!