Sorry, boys!

In yesterday’s post, I said that the Rainbow Loom was for little girls. A friend of mine responded on my Facebook page* and said that her boys were also maniacs on the Rainbow Loom. I asked WCK about this, and she said, “Well, yeah. Boys make bracelets, too.” (Duh, Mother. Why would you think otherwise?)

How awful of me. Why would I think otherwise? I always get offended when people imply that dinosaur toys are only for boys, and I point out that WCK has been playing with dinosaurs and has wanted to be a paleontologist since she was two. Granted, sometimes I find the plastic dinosaurs wearing Barbie ball gowns and heels, but she does play with them.

To all of you boys out there who are maniacs on the Rainbow Loom: I am so, so sorry. I would make you a Rainbow Loom bracelet as a peace offering, but I’m sure you are much better at it than I am.

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