Something so simple and stupid at the same time

Yesterday, Tony had a doctor’s appointment with a pain management specialist.

He continues to suffer with his back aching.  Has difficulty getting out of bed or sofa or chair.
Doctor is suggesting an MRI to rule out other possibilities not related to Multiple Myeloma.  That’s scheduled for next week.
The something so simple and stupid…..well, while reaching over the driver’s seat trying to get something on the floor in front of passenger seat, he put some weight on the console.  A padded console.  Well, guess what? we suspect he broke a rib :(
Might as well wait till Tuesday’s appointment to get an x-ray and confirm that one!  Because he’s on strong pain meds, he wasn’t sure.  We waited for the pills to wear out and yup, the pain was there like the last time. Here we go again…..on the other side now.  He cannot sleep on his right or left side.  What happens when a man sleeps on his back?  Snoring…..I’m exhausted today!
Today, I drove him to work while I ran errands and whisked him away from the office after 5 hours at his desk.  
Still no ill effects from Chemo.