Something is backwards here.

It's been more than 24 hours since my last dex dose, yet here I am wide awake at 1 am! I didn't have any trouble sleeping while I was on the dex. Go figure!

So here I sit at 1 am eating a bean burrito (thankful for a good appetite!). It was another long trip to the clinic today, nothing exciting just had to wait for a potassium infuser. Wasn't a bad day to stay inside though, the temperature topped out at a record breaking 114 degrees here in Little Rock! You know it's bad when even the locals are complaining.

Now that the bag is off and the dex and thalidomide are done, I've just got a couple of doses of Velcade left to go for this round. Otherwise it's just waiting for my counts to drop and recover before I can get on home. My dad is here for another couple of days then my brother flies in from Boston. I'm sure my dad is getting bored of watching Man vs. Food and Iron Chef while I snooze, but he's been a good sport so far.

Off to try to sleep, glad I've got my trusty sheep to count…thanks Beth!