Someday we’ll find it, the Blue Care Connection….

So, a couple weeks ago I got a call from my insurance company. This is never good. Immediately, I panic and think, Why are they calling me? What test am I being billed for? What aren’t they covering?

However, this call was from a nurse at the “Blue Care Connection.” Apparently, this program allows BCBS members to have free, “personalized phone-based health support from a nurse.”

Nice, right? Sure. Except my questions were…

Why are you are contacting me? How did you get my number? Do you have my records?

Paranoid? Perhaps.

The response was, “Oh no, I don’t have any of your records. Sometimes medical tests or frequent activity will put members on a list to be contacted regarding this program.”

Hmm. Makes sense, I guess. However, I declined signing up to get regular calls from this very, very, nice nurse.

Then, about a week later I get a letter from the Blue Care Connection people. This might have been helpful to have BEFORE I got the call from the nurse, because it actually sounds like a very helpful program when you see what it’s all about in black and white. (Part of) The letter:

If you are living with a challenging health situation, you can talk with a health care professional about what you are doing right, what you could do better, and what steps you can take to achieve better health. The Blue Care Connection program gives you one-on-one professional support to help you understand your risk factors, learn how to manage any existing symptoms, and find ways to improve the quality of your life. In being proactive and recognizing changes in your health, we hope that you might be able to avoid any complications and spend less time in the hospital. {Translation: We don’t want to have to pay for you to be in the hospital!}

Little do they know I am, in fact, on a permanent health kick and am doing just fine. :)