Some Woo-Woo stuff

I’ve been reading an interesting book lately, Dying to Be Me, by Anita Moorjani.  She is a young Indian woman living in Hong Kong who got cancer, went into a coma and started to die from it, then somehow made a decision to come back, and her cancer-ridden body was spontaneously healed in a matter of days.  It’s a fascinating account of her experiences on the other side of life and has a lot of insights about healing and what it takes from a psychological/emotional perspective, to get that to happen.

She’s championed by Wayne Dyer, the best-selling self-help author who’s on public TV a lot.  I’m sort of a fan of his, but have only really read a couple of his books; I just like his attitude.  When he was diagnosed with leukemia a few years back I became interested to follow his progress and see if the great Wayne Dyer, Mr. “Manifest Your Destiny” himself, could somehow manage to lick this one.  In my mind I’m sitting there with my arms crossed going “Alright, Wayne, let’s see how you do with the Big One, let’s see how enlightened you are now!”  Then I forgot about it and, having just finished Anita’s book, thought I’d check online to see what had happened to him a couple of years later.  Well, darned if he hasn’t managed to do it.  I was flabbergasted!  (Great word that, flabbergasted — I suppose the UK equivalent would be gobsmacked — but I digress.)  How he healed his leukemia was most unorthodox, using a long-distance psychic healer from Brazil (John of God).  His account of what happened is in an interview on Youtube with Oprah (look it up if you’re interested, I’m not going to link it here because I don’t know that I really champion this John of God or his methods).  It’s a pretty wild story, as is Anita’s.

And before that I had looked briefly through one of the books about attraction which said that what you focus on is what draws itself to you.  If you focus on your lack of healing, your illness/poverty/lousy job etc. exclusively that’s what you are drawing to yourself inadvertently.  So I somehow wonder if Mr. Dyer managed to get rid of his illness not so much through the John of God person as through having the intent of healing, and focusing on health, wellness and just being himself (following his truth, living his bliss, etc, to use the ’80s terminology).

This isn’t actually all that woo-woo, as the Bible recounts many tales of Jesus and the apostles as master healers.  In one story a woman only had to touch Jesus’ garment without his knowing it to be healed.  So the intent, the faith, seems to be paramount here.

So having said that, I’m going to slightly change the title of this blog.  Instead of “Joy’s Journey with Multiple Myeloma” — which reinforces the presence of the illness in my life — I am going to change it for now to . . . well, what you see up above.  But really, it shouldn’t even have Multiple Myeloma in the title at all, as that’s giving it too much power, reinforcing its reality.  This should be about focusing somehow on making my own life whole and happy (as in some of those people who have cured their cancer using laughter therapy), and as related by Moorjani and Dyer, and then supposedly the body just falls in line with that and naturally readjusts itself to a state of health.

Sounds great in theory, let’s see if I can get anywhere in practice!  I have to look into this a little more.  It sounds like so much more fun than endlessly obsessing about supplements, diets, M-spike numbers and ketones.