Some People are Climbing Mountains for Myeloma, I’d Rather Take a BEACH WALK!


Myeloma Crowd has a Beach Walk which will be on March 4th 2017 to raise funds for two Clinical Trials which have great potential but do not fit into the normal model for new drug development.  I am not saying this is in any way an indictment of drug companies, because I and most people know without Celgene and Takeda (Revlimid and Velcade)  the life expectancy of myeloma patients seeing a myeloma specialist would not have gone from 3 years to now close to 10 years. In addition, both of these companies have shown compassion and local support to the patients and IMF support groups.   Daratumamab will put another 3 to 5 years on top of that, but what will provide the next leap forward. 

Based on the myeloma crowd research and the opinions of some of the TOP GUNS of myeloma specialists(Dr. Orlowski of MD Anderson, Dr. Ghobrial of Dana Farber, and Dr. Fonseca of Mayo Clinic to name a few)  there are two Clinical Trials which are both immunotherapy treatments which could lead to the next quantum leap forward.  Patients and their families and of course the caregivers have already given $400,000 towards the first target of $500,000 to fund this research.  I have set up a fundraising team called “Alive And Walking for YOU!” and you can become a team member or contribute if you CLICK HERE! You can contribute at my fund raising page if you CLICK HERE!

This is my commitment to you, I have made my team goal of $15000, and if I make this goal I will jump out of an airplane without a parachute!  I hope the person I am skydiving with(tandem) has one though.  In addition, I will match the first $500 that is committed to the team.  in this way, I am backing my words with action.  This I know, if we do not find the next successful clinical trial our myeloma journey will end far too soon. Help me to help to save us all!  For those who want to get a fast track myeloma education you can also sign up for the 3 day Pat Killingworth’s Myeloma Survival School if you CLICK HERE.  There are few opportunities like this available. This was a program developed by Pat, a myeloma patient, IMF Support group leader, and author to help to meet the needs of  myeloma patients. 

Good luck and may God Bless your Cancer Journey.   For more information on multiple myeloma survival rates and treatments CLICK HERE and you can follow me on twitter at: