Some of My Friends Glow in the Dark

A couple of people have asked if I could recommend some knitting podcasts.
First, let me point you to the incredibly helpful list of knitting audio and video podcasts here:
knitting podcast
There is something for everyone.

ONline supersocke neon 2 color:  the first 8 balls

I recommend you carry out a spot of speed-dating to find your ideal knit-mates.
If you are anything like me, you will quickly get a sense of whether or not these people could be your virtual knitting friends.  There are some very popular podders whose voices come through to me like nails on a blackboard and I just can’t sit through an entire episode… so I don’t, even though I know that they are the trend-setters that a dozen others will reference. 

Important note:  the podcast world can be very cliquey, just like school.  The difference is, you don’t have to go back if you don’t like it  :)

At the risk of sounding like Bridget Jones and her Helpful Introductions, here is an edited list of the podcasts I return to time after time:

Another ball of Supersocke Neon 2 Color – probably my favourite :)

Audio Podcasts

The Knitmore Girls have been going for 300 plus episodes, so have built up an impressive readership and sponsorship portfolio.  They are a formidable mother/daughter team who are particularly hot on spinning and frank reviews of books and fibre-related products.  You need to listen at least once so you understand who everyone else is talking about!

Stash and Burn have also been around for a long time, but episodes are less frequent.  The two presenters have an easy-going friendship which makes me happy.  The knitting content is almost incidental. 

Tapgurl Knits is Carmen, the tap-dancing knitter.  She comes across as warm and natural and fun.  If this was High School, I would ask to share her table at lunch, in the hope that we could be BFFs.  She does not pretend to be anything other than a Gal who likes knitting and dancing.  No self-promotion or sponsorship or any of that commercial stuff.   She interviews some really interesting people too.  Lovely.

A Playful Day is a UK-based podcast.  I know, right?   Greentrianglegirl has a very intelligent, professional approach.  She makes me feel nostalgic for London family life, and that’s saying something!  A good mix of knitterly news and work / life balance, with gardening and journaling too.

FluffyFibers is an English language podcast from Isabel, who is French and lives in Languedoc.  Isabel sews too!  I love that she talks about sewing as well as knitting.  And sometimes she reads aloud from classic literature.

Latest Knitting Goddess / Rachel Coopey sock club shipment in Sparklynne base

Video Podcasts

There seem to be a dozen new video podcasts every time I look.  It can be daunting sifting through them, and my home broadband can’t cope with some file formats.  I have been known to spend 4 hours “buffering” a 20-minute episode only to hear those immortal words “I haven’t done any knitting this week!” Noooo!
Useful tip:  You Tube seems to run faster than Blip or VideoPress, if you live at the wrong end of a rural cable.

The Knit Girllls are pretty much the pod-erati.  Everyone else talks about them.  Two ordinary women with jobs and lives, who love to knit and spin.  Essential viewing.

Yarnivore.  Ah, Sadie, Sadie!  She of the blue hair and awesome tattoos who says it like it is.  She knits too.  And dyes yarn.  But I never feel like she is only doing this to sell her stuff, unlike some others I won’t bother to mention.

Stockinette Zombies.   Two pals who knit.  Megan is funny and smart and down to earth.  Amy is quieter and more interested in fashion.  With cats :)  They are very popular and you will soon see why.

There are others.  Loads of them.  But the above are a pretty good place to start.

Do you have a favourite to recommend?

PS  Yes, I bought more neon yarn – pretty isn’t it? :)

EDITED TO ADD:  I bought the ONline yarn from Germany from Strickstudio-Knoller via ebay.  As I was buying from within the EU, there is no customs duty to pay and postage was very reasonable.  It worked out at around £6 a ball.  If you search “online sock” on ebay, you will find a single listing, then follow the links to look at the shop’s full inventory.  They have some lovely stuff and their customer service is fantastic :)