So You Think You’re winning Myeloma

Hello loyal followers:  eekk, I really don’t want to write what I’m reporting in this post, as writing out the numbers solidifies the facts and results I didn’t expect. Call me naive, too optimistic or too hopeful…. but I was sure 10mg Revlimid was my magic pill back to Remission.

Heck, Revlimid brought me from 67% cancer to 10% in 2010 during my initial treatment prior to ASCT, so I “expected” this magic elixir to fix me up again. I really thought we’d see a considerable drop in my levels in a “good direction” this time. Well, not so much… and truth be told, I’m genuinely surprised my recent blood work revealed cancer is kinda winning. I say kinda winning, as my statistics aren’t drop your jaw dramatic, but they show Myeloma is as strong as the chemo battling it. Rather than pummeling it into submission, Myeloma is holding steady (and creeping up), not going away this time. And yes, to those concerned that I am too lackadaisical about my treatment plan, this news kicked my butt.

And the #s are:
WBC’s really low: 2.8 (4.0-11 scale) (Revlimid does contribute to compromising the immune system)
Platelets out of normal range now: 117 (130-400 scale)
M-Protein up again: 0.90 (normal = 0.0)
Beta Globulin Electrophoresis: 1.53 (0.65-1.10 scale)
Gamma Globulin Electrophoresis:  0.40 (0.70-1.60 scale)
IGA: 1110 (70-400 scale) and I keep hearing I am “high risk” IgA Myeloma
IGG: 296 (700-1600 scale)
IGM: 16 (40-230 scale) 

So the plan is: one more month (my request) status quo of 10mg Rev + Dex.
July will probably bring Rev up to 15mg, or out with Rev and in with Velcade, or try Rev + Vel + Dex.
Ugh, I am just not brave this time around, and I just want to feel good, and get back to “normal” (HA!). I am fearful of new side effects :/

At least I made it to Alissa’s SDSU graduation last month!

I was able to attend my 4th 
at City of Hope, also last month!

 Dr Kogut, me, Dr Spielberger
 Dr Chai, me, Dr Farol 
My Stemmies are stored here
just in case I go for another Autologous Stem Cell Transplant
but at this time, the “risks” are greater than the chance of Remission

So that’s my June story. We’ll see what happens.
But for now, I am bummed Myeloma is being so obnoxious and proving to be a much stronger match for Revlimid’s chemo powers then I anticipated.

Live happy, live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something as often as you can!