So sudden…

It was so sudden, the pain came to my right hip. It had been achy and a bit uncomfortable but a pain to the level of 6 (0-10) was quite unexpected. I attributed this problem to getting in and out of the car….our car was at the workshop for a week and we had to use another. This change somehow is the cause of my distress. I wasn’t really bothered by the little aches but I did not expect it to turn into pain – I have not felt such pain for a long time thus was quite taken aback. At least I needed some pain and anti-inflammatory meds. I had thought that would be sufficient but having notified Drs – I was advised to go see an orthopedic Dr and get an X-ray. Being on steroids for so long gives some risk to bone problems.  Thankfully I was able to get a next day appointment and in the meantime a dose of arcoxia 90mg helped to give me a restful night.

As I was due to do a Bone Density test, it was also done at same time as the X-ray.
The outcome of both is GOOD! No bone fracture, just strain on the joint. Why giving such pain? I didn’t even ask, just glad that it was not a bone problem. I was given a muscle relaxant if needed. Strangely after one dose of arcoxia and one afternoon of pain, my hip felt quite fine – from 6 to 0. Sometimes there are no answers but just be thankful all turns out well. Especially thankful that Dr was swift to respond and med readily available through our family doctor who is 10 minutes drive away. Thank GOD!
The Bone Density test showed my spine T score at 0.4, Z score at 1.5 and hip T score at -0.3, Z score at 0.7 Both readings are in the normal range. My bones are sufficiently strong for my age. I left the orthopedic Dr clinic happier.
I was a little more careful as I walked out of the hospital, no sudden swing or jerk – went home to put my joints to rest.