So much for the UNITED States of America…..we may have to change our name

Well, I suppose I just have to say this somewhere that I won’t invite attack. Oh, it’s not that I’ve kept my feelings secret, but, I don’t want to start a firestorm over something I have no control over and I need to vent. The night I started to see that Trump would win the election, I had to turn off the TV and go to bed. The nightmare I was having while awake, was probably worse than I could have asleep. Now, before I go on, I want to say, for the record; I respect everyone’s right to their own opinion. If I don’t, I do not deserve the right to my own. I have, many times, had people call me names and get irate with me for not agreeing with their opinions, even over the most mundane things (it’s one of many reasons I don’t hang out with my out-laws anymore), but, I have always felt that respect is a two-way street. You can’t demand respect, or anything else for that matter, from other people and then not expect it from yourself. I have little patience for double standards like that. But, there comes a gray area, one that makes you struggle to respect people and their opinions. For me, that gray area comes when people hurt other living things, people or animals, either physically or emotionally. I have said before, I am an over-empathizer. Because of that, I’ve spent much of my life being appalled at the cruelty that people are capable of, as well as feeling helpless to stop it. Though, I have stopped it when it was in my power to do so. But, I don’t think I have to respect people’s opinions, or those people, when it involves hurting people or animals. Then, all bets are off and they’re just scum to me.

This election: so many things to be said about it, but I will just hit the highlights. The democratic party really screwed up. They thought Hillary had a chance of winning this, based on her husband’s supporters and the fact that it was this crazy man that she’d be running against. They never thought he would win, he seemed to tighten the noose every time he opened his mouth. Obviously, they were wrong. Now, mind you, I do not immerse myself in politics, I find it too frustrating and corrupt, so, I don’t know ALL the details and won’t get into the nitty-gritty. I do not particularly like Hillary. There are some who say she has been investigated for SO much, but nothing stuck so she must be innocent. Well, even though I think some of that stuff was trumped up, I believe there is also some truth to the saying, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” I don’t think she’s innocent of it all. The one thing that really changed my mind about her was the tell-all book that came out. I have read some quotes from that book and she was a tyrant in the white house when Bill was president. She has an awful temper and treated people horribly. If this book were not true, she would have sued all those people for slander and defamation of character. There were too many witnesses. She didn’t have a leg to stand on and she knew it. She is no saint, that is for sure. I really would have preferred Mike Bloomberg for president, but I voted for her because I can’t stand Trump and I think he’s dangerous. I have always said that he is the most pompous person ever and I have never had a stomach for people like that. In fact, I used to say it was a toss-up between him and Kanye West, so when I saw them together, I had to laugh. That must have been some screwed up pi$$ing contest between those two, for sure.

We were in NYC years ago and Trump was signing his book in the lobby of his 5th Avenue building. Tim wanted to go in and see him. He’s a bit star struck by celebrities, I am not. I couldn’t have cared less to see Trump. I went in to get out of the cold, but refused to join the crowd around him. He’s just repulsive to me. Lying, misogyny, bullying, narcissism……any one of these traits would knock anyone clear off my list, but he hits all the deal-breakers for me. He’s an over-achiever in bad personality traits.

Anyway, I was not going to turn the TV on Friday. But, I did. It was like watching a train wreck. I couldn’t look away. I listened to his speech and stood in my kitchen, shaking my head. He was still campaigning. And he was insulting everyone seated around him, the entire government, Washington DC, and, yes, this entire country of ours. Wh-wh-WHAT???!!! THIS was supposed to speak of healing and unity. And then, he insults all these people, basically tells them they are all a pathetic waste, and now he will expect them to work with him. This man has no edit button, no class, no idea what the word “diplomacy” means. The people in my country elected a total head case to be president. He is such a narcissist, he actually lies, even about things that he said on camera, and thinks people are so dumb they will just believe his lies. Well, I guess in a way, he sees that his lying has convinced enough to get him elected, so I suppose it works for him. This is a person who is not capable of “playing nice in the sandbox.” A person who can’t get along with others is RUNNING OUR COUNTRY. It’s hard to wrap my brain around. I read something the other day that said the Republican party did this all as a ploy to get Pence in there as president. They knew Pence would not get elected and they think Trump will be impeached. These days, who knows? It might be true. I’ve seen their corrupt ways too many times to give them the benefit of the doubt about anything now. Heck, I don’t think George Bush was really elected for either of his terms. I think it was likely fixed both times. I trust no one at this point.

Later on, at the parade, I watched DT walk for a block or so, with secret service all over the place and the TV commentators talking of the danger. I shook my head again, over why his 10 year old son was walking right next to him, in front of him at some points. I thought that was a dumb move. Why put this kid in danger? As a parent, there is NO WAY I would have put my kid’s life in danger like that. Then, when they got back into the car, he walked in front of both his wife and his young son and got in first. For a second, Melania stood there and then realized she would have to go around and get in the other side now, so she did. But, there was Trump, already in the car, with his son still standing outside of it. All this danger and YOU DIVE INTO THE CAR AND LEAVE YOUR WIFE AND KID OUTSIDE???!!! I couldn’t take it anymore. How narcissistic and disrespectful can you be? I had to walk away from the TV.

In the end, there’s a part of me that wants this guy to fail, badly, right off the bat, and get thrown out of office. There would be a big lesson learned by a lot of people. But, there are also so many problems in my country, and I don’t want to be “wishing the pilot to crash the plane I’m on,” so I would like to see this administration make some positive changes. The sad part is, I just have little to no hope of that. He is already appointing family members and rich cronies to posts they have no experience for. But, the main reason I have little hope is that I also know this one fact, which, sadly, I think people, even those who voted for him, are going to learn the hard way. Narcissists, (and I believe he has a classic case of narcissistic personality disorder) only serve one master……themself. They do not serve God, they do not put others first, not even their family members or friends. They are not good public servants because they really don’t care about their fellow man. They only care about themselves. Even when they try to cloak their true self with good deeds, the agenda always comes back to what that accomplishes for THEM. They are trying to manipulate others’ opinions of them, win them over. I have lived this with people I HAD in my life. It’s diabolical. It’s easy to be taken in by it sometimes, the clues can be very subtle, but Trump is so blatant, I don’t know how so many people have fallen for it. I believe his real motivation is stoking his ego and his bank account. That has always been his motivation for everything he has done in 70 years. It won’t change now. He’s already showing it.

So, in line with my word of HOPE for 2017, I have to try to spin this somehow. So my hope is this; I hope something good comes out of this in some way or another. It is usually the most disastrous mistakes in our lives that teach us the most valuable lessons. Those are the painful lessons, no doubt, but, if we’re smart, we know better than to ever make those mistakes again and we take our newfound knowledge and move forward as better people, again, IF WE’RE SMART. Maybe this crazy time in my country’s history will bring about positive changes in how things are done around here. I dunno, maybe we will look back on this and say that, in the end, it was a good thing it happened. One can only HOPE.