So Many Questions

Hello June!

Just a quick update before my regular 8’s post :))

Even though I’ve been whining about how fragile I feel, do you think I’ve changed my life??  LOL NO!  Still doing animal and ranch chores, doing all my “regular” things, which really isn’t that much, but still doing all the things I was doing before… before I found out how Holey and defective I really am! I’m just so aware now that something may suddenly Pop, or Crack, or do whatever a weak, lesiony, holely bone does! … Yes, so AWARE of my skeleton in ways I never was… but moving forward…

Tomorrow, 6.5.18, I have my monthly Dr appointment and Darzalex infusion. I have a LIST of Questions like none other! Why this, Why that? How come this, How come that? When this, When that? Blah, blah. I will share my questions and answers, and test results on 6.8.18

Just wanted to check in and let you know, for now that is… I’ve absorbed the shock and awe, and ready for the next myeloma adventure… Ha!… easy to say now, who knows how I’ll feel tomorrow, after hearing answers to my questions!!! Thanks for reading and caring as you do :))

Our yard has incredible roses! This is actually ONE rose bush. Amazing how this variety starts out yellow/pink, then evolves to bright orange/pink, then to light pink as they wane. Beautiful fragrance too. One bush, symbolizing, birth, youth, full life, then … time’s up… Such is the story of our lives…

Live happy, live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, 
with someone or something as often as you can