So Many Events, So Little Energy! Rock on Break Week!

Hello 9.18.16
Darn I missed posting on 9.16.16 as soooooo much happened this past week. I started my 9.16.16 post, then life happened :)) I pack way too much into my chemo break weeks, as that’s when I feel a tiny bit “normal”! (I think I’ll “cheat” and postdate this back to 9.16.16 just to keep my 6’s tradition for 2016 :)
I’ll skip writing a major newsbreaking post for now, and post my current status after my next Dr appointment this week. Hoping for good results…

Wow! This week was incredibly busy, too busy, but in a wonderful way, with notification of several recognitions and a speaking event at a Cancer Survivor’s Day. I am so very grateful for all the recognitions and appreciation of my philosophy and outlook on life. People say I am so positive and my perspective is so great. Well… that’s how I’ve always been. Cancer really hasn’t changed me that much psychologically, just physically. If cancer would just go away, I could get back to REALLY being me!

Cool pic my daughter took :) 

 My heart is full of gratitude even though my body is so exhausted. Crazy how I could handle so much prior to my myeloma diagnosis. Back to the chemo lab tomorrow. Mon Tues. Mon Tues. Mon Tues. I can rest when I’m hooked up. Chemo treatments are my new “spa treatments” lol…

Thank you for caring as you do, and following my crazy cancer trail ride.
 Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can!