So, How Do I Feel – January 27 2012

My cold seems to be over and I took my last dose of the 10-day course of Augmentin this morning. Mornings are best for me. I have pretty good energy and manage to get all of my household chores completed and a walk with Kemmer in each morning. I am still bothered by an aching left leg which I’m more aware of each evening and night. I’m taking Tylenol 500 mg for that twice during the night. My acid stomach still bothers me, but a daily dose of Prilosec 40 mg and 150 mg Zantac seems to keep that in check. My skin is extremely dry and living here in ultra-dry Idaho doesn’t help – using lots of lotion, Aspercreme ointment, and sunscreen (I use Coppertone Water Babies for children because it does not sting my eyes and right now the only part of me exposed to the sun is my face, neck, and occasionally my hands. The neuropathy in my fingertips continues and is LOTS worse when my hands get cold. By 7 PM each evening my energy is toast and I often fall asleep on the sofa before I go to bed.

Today was another beautiful one in the Big Lost River Valley and I managed to extend my walk to 1.80 miles with a 100 foot gain in elevation (20 degrees with a nice icy wind, but I was dressed appropriately and stayed warm).